Are the items from the Adidas foundry authentic?

They are genuine products. Many small partners wonder if these Adidas products are genuine because of the low price of the foundry. In fact, the factory store is a name for the discount market for Adidas. The factory shop buys old-fashioned shoes and shoes of low styles, and the number of sizes is not complete, so the price is cheaper than the regular-priced shop. Brand-owned factory stores are unlikely to sell fakes. Many shops selling fakes are fake factory stores!

Speaking of the adidas brand, everyone should be familiar with it. Its classic yeezy, ub and other series of shoes have always been very popular, so do you know what Adidas foundries are available all over the world?

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APE 779001-Wanbang Qingxinyi’s main foundry is Adi high-end actual combat basketball shoes, old style coconuts, etc.

CLU 600001-Fuzhou Qinglu, a major OEM high-end practical basketball shoes.

YYA606001 is one of Dongguan Baocheng’s main foundry shell heads, as well as high-end running shoes such as the UB series.

YYJ606004-Yu Yuan Yi Ji’an is the same as YYA~

EVN 791001-Qingyuan Chengzhan, a generation of all-match tools, small white shoes Smith and so on.

EVH791004-Some retro running shoes, old shoes, etc. of Adi, a major foundry in Hengyang Deyang.

HWD 1Y4001-Dalian Changchuan Boots is a major OEM NEO series of shoes.