What is the role of eye care beauty instrument?

Have you found that many people of the same age will look much older than their peers once they have crow’s feet, fine lines, tear grooves and dark circles around their eyes? Because the skin of the eye is fragile, if you use the wrong technique at ordinary times, it may accelerate the aging of the eyes, which needs special attention.

Had eye cream still need hairdressing instrument?
The role of eye cream is through the ingredients inside the eye cream, let the eye skin moisturizing, to ease the fine lines and dry lines of the eyes, and for the eyes of the tear groove, eye bags sagging, etc., eye cream can not solve the problem.

Is eye massager, steam eye mask useful´╝č
Some people will choose eye massager, massage skin through rolling to make eye blood circulation to a certain degree of relief, Eye fatigue effect, but it should be noted that if you do not grasp the force when rolling, it may cause excessive friction and pull of the massage equipment and eye skin, but will accelerate aging and eye droop. Steam eye mask is generally hot compress, to speed up the metabolism of the eye, relieve eye fatigue, but if the eye is more sensitive, it will cause eye discomfort, for the eye crow’s feet, wrinkles, tear groove, etc., the problem is not solved.

Is there any effective solution?
If you want to solve the problem of tear ditch, fissure lines, you can do medical beauty projects. But the medical beauty project is relatively expensive. When we at home, we can choose home eye care beauty instrument as a daily care is also good. But the use of household eye care beauty instrument need to adhere to the long-term, the use process also need to follow the instructions seriously. For long-term use, there will be some effect, but the effect is not so obvious as medical beauty effect as a daily eye care instrument.

Beauty salon is to provide people with beauty care, skin care, spa and other content of beauty services, often go to beauty salons friends will often see a variety of efficacy of beauty instrument. Some consumers will do eye care, mainly to improve the black eye, crow’s feet, etc., so how about the effect of these eye beauty instrument?

  1. 1. improve black eye:
    Emotional instability, fatigue and lack of rest, lack of sleep makes blood circulation slow down, accumulation of melanin around the eyes slowly form panda eyes – black eye.
    Most people have dark circles mainly due to lack of rest, resulting in eye blood circulation, increased oxygen consumption, blockage around the eyes slowly forming dark circles. And often can not go to bed early, can not timely supplement sleep, which leads to more black eye aggravating.
    The cosmetology instrument for facial skin problems uses RF radio frequency technology. High frequency vibration is used to deeply introduce nutrition, tighten collagen fiber, penetrate the surface layer, penetrate into subcutaneous tissue, heat dermis, stimulate collagen regeneration.
  2. 2. eliminate eye bags:
    Pouch is the lower eyelid swelling, eyelid skin relaxation, atrophy, edema of connective tissue under the eyes, can cause pouch. With the growth of age, long-term stay up late, lack of sleep, face big skin relaxation and other reasons cause orbital fat bulge to form pouch. Once formed, it is not easy to restore, so the formation of bags under the eyes must pay attention to care at the beginning, or bags may be growing.
    The high frequency vibration principle of the eye care beauty instrument promotes eye circulation and muscle movement, coupled with the unique single ball massage design, let the essence penetrate the dermis, deeply nourish the eye skin, make eye skin bright and full.
  3. 3. dilute the eye fine lines;
    The skin around the eyes is only 1 / 4 the thickness of the facial skin, making it more vulnerable to external damage. And there are almost no sebaceous glands and sweat glands under the eye skin, the thin skin around the eyes is very easy to dry, lack of water, the formation of fine lines;
    With the help of the United States eye instrument can exercise and tighten the eye muscles, enhance the elasticity of the eye muscle, smooth the eye lymph flow, dredge the water retention, so that eye tail lines decrease.
    Eye care beauty instrument radiofrequency thermal coagulation heat, the temperature from 40 degrees 65 degrees can be controlled at will, more accurately to the skin tissue heating, promote subcutaneous collagen contraction and tension, medically known as radio frequency target thermal coagulation therapy. With super penetration effect, open the transport channel of skin and skin care products, let the essence penetrate the dermis, deeply nourish the eye skin.