The opposite screw presses

The opposite screw presses, which take away free liquid from material screw press forging, find a particularly big selection of purposes. Due to this attribute, the electrical screw press allows a better control of the productive course of. The shopper’s old belt filter press achieved solely 15% at the identical time.

Electrical screw press is suitable for every kind of precision forging, ending, coining ,embossing and leveling and many others strike vitality may be set accurately in line with the die precision, can cut back the time of mechanical stress and the quantity off time the hot work piece is in contact with the die, thus prolonging the die frame is inflexible, good information ability, strong bias load resisting means, can be used in multi-die forging, it’s a energy-saving and environmental protection forging press.

J58K-EP series NC electric screw press is a domestic advanced numerical management electric screw press developed by the domestic scientific research institute and take in superior electrical screw press technology in world. The oil materials in the squeezing chamber is motorial.

The mechanic friction machine is supplied with a flywheel that rotates the screws clockwise or counterclockwise so that to let the slide go down or go up. On this case the transmission of the motion from the electrical motor to the flywheel happens by the friction created on a leather belt.

When a big quantity of merchandise are to be produced, resembling automotive and bearing manufacturing, automatic, multiple-stage hot forging machines are increasingly being used. 1. In keeping with expertise calls for for different bricks, user can set the strike times, strike power, and strike velocity digitally.

J58K collection CNC electric screw press adopts lengthy slider and lengthy information rail orientation kind; obtain excessive precision and robust overload and unbalance load resistance. Therefore, the barrel will face up to the extraction pressure without bursting.

A special gear (referred to as cored equipment or Sub-press) is put in on mattress and the machine employs methodology of hole forming pin(s) (1~four each) diving horizontal route to the facet surface of material after the slide goes down and both upper and lower instruments clamp material.

This type of press, with high output energy, fast stroke, long die life, multi-computer management, is ready to predetermine predominant working parameters and indicate trouble, is extensively used in precision forging, die forging, extruding, calibrating, high quality correcting and so on.