Strengthen the management of agricultural machinery to promote the healthy development of agricultural mechanization

In the development of modern agriculture, seeking high farming production efficiency and realizing agricultural mechanization is the inevitable direction of future development. The realization of agricultural mechanization is an important symbol of the development and progress of modern agriculture.

Considering the current prospects for agricultural development and market demand, agricultural machinery management wants to have a strong momentum power, it is necessary to recognize the existing problems, and targeted improvement measures and recommendations.

Problems in the management of agricultural machinery

(A) agricultural machinery products market positioning is not clear

Although the current market for agricultural machinery products in China is relatively large, the prospects are relatively broad, but many agricultural products in the positioning process, due to the existence of market positioning is not very accurate not clear enough.

Many manufacturers of large agricultural machinery and equipment in China, although located aimed at the large agricultural machinery market, but their own production of equipment in the function and use of performance does not meet the relevant requirements, can not meet the normal needs of the market.

And many small and medium-sized manufacturers, although the customer base is broader than large equipment manufacturers, but the pricing of equipment and the ability to use extremely inconsistent, can not meet the normal needs of agricultural production.

(B) agricultural machinery products sold at high prices

Due to the high cost of agricultural machinery technology innovation and manufacturing, which also led to the high terminal selling price of agricultural machinery products, whether large and medium-sized farms or ordinary farmers, although there is a realistic need to buy agricultural machinery, but in the case of high prices, consumers often choose to wait and see and repair the old way, temporarily do not buy agricultural machinery, which has a serious impact on the sales of agricultural machinery products. impact.

(C) the technical level of agricultural machinery products is not high

Currently subject to the cost of agricultural machinery technology innovation and technical bottlenecks, the overall technical level of agricultural machinery products is not high, in terms of high precision technology is still lacking, most agricultural machinery are in the general level of technology.

The reasons for this phenomenon in addition to the lack of core technology, the lack of research and development funds is also an important reason. The lack of technical level has now become an important bottleneck affecting the expansion of agricultural machinery market.

(D) product service system defects

China’s existing agricultural machinery product service system has defects, specifically in the use of agricultural equipment with geographical limitations, the promotion of agricultural machinery products fault and government departments services and agricultural machinery technology development rate is not coordinated in three aspects.

The survey shows that in the eastern part of China, the use rate of agricultural machinery and equipment is much higher than that in the central and western parts of the country; most rural areas still use traditional tools to implement agricultural cultivation, which is directly related to the backwardness of the local agricultural machinery and equipment promotion system; the grassroots government is understaffed and the comprehensive quality of government staff is low, which cannot provide good supporting services for modern agricultural production and meet the requirements of agricultural machinery technology development.

Second, strengthen the management of agricultural machinery to promote the healthy development of rural agricultural mechanization measures

(A) the accurate market positioning of agricultural machinery products

In the process of agricultural machinery equipment research, technical personnel must develop corresponding agricultural machinery products according to customer and market demand, and constantly innovate product functions in order to meet customer needs and improve production quality and production efficiency.

Agricultural equipment manufacturers must continue to innovate and research, in the actual production of products and equipment, managers must develop corresponding products according to the market and customer specific requirements to ensure that machinery and equipment in function to meet the different needs of different users, to enhance the overall agricultural production efficiency Chuan. Production enterprises must pay close attention to the market layout, to ensure that their own products and market positioning can meet the actual requirements.

(B) optimize the manufacturing process of agricultural machinery products and reduce the price of products

Due to the high price of agricultural machinery products, resulting in farmers and medium and large farms are holding a wait-and-see attitude, we can effectively reduce the price of the product through the following points.

First, the need to continuously reduce production costs and improve the practicality of the product.

Secondly, for agricultural machinery products in the manufacturing process process methods, need to be constantly optimized, and thus can improve its production efficiency, which can effectively reduce the cost of enterprises in the manufacturing process;.

Finally, in the process of product sales, try to establish direct product channels, which can reduce the intermediate dealers this link. Through the product in the research and development process to reduce costs, in the production process to reduce costs, in the sales process to reduce costs in these three links, and ultimately reduce the sales price of its products.

(C) technology promotion and agricultural mechanization practice operation synchronized operation

The organic matching of agricultural machinery technology and production process is the key to promote the rapid development of the industry, which can be exchanged for maximum economic benefits as soon as possible, and is the common responsibility and obligation of relevant staff.

Therefore, agricultural machinery departments must carry out discussion activities with technical extension units from time to time to get first-hand information on farmers’ production and help solve all kinds of restrictive problems. Such as improving the technical level of agricultural machinery products, it is necessary to start through the level of innovation, appropriate to increase economic support, targeted implementation of products different engineering research and development and use, to ensure that agricultural production can be better combined with machinery.

On the other hand, comprehensively promote the adjustment of agricultural machinery institutions, and further improve the structure of the socialized service system of machinery. The recent stage, China’s agricultural machinery business has achieved long-term development opportunities, rich equipment form, the actual scale of operations grow, due to the rapid development of society and technology, agricultural machinery should make comprehensive adjustments to effectively adapt to modern development needs. Promoters need to play in the original technology based on innovative energy efficiency, training more professional production personnel, while actively introducing foreign advanced equipment, to achieve agricultural machinery compound operations, solid field high-performance posture.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that if you want to ensure the rapid pace of development of agricultural machinery work, agricultural machinery socialized service system is indispensable, and the need to establish a sound information dissemination system for accurate positioning of the market; when necessary, the use of network media to timely release high-value information to farmers.

Agricultural machinery and equipment development and production activities must be revealed through a clear market positioning, the actual production process managers must be based on the market and customer requirements to develop corresponding product style, to ensure that machinery can be functionally adapted to the requirements of different users, and ultimately enhance the overall efficiency of agricultural production. Therefore, such machinery production enterprises in the research and development and production links must grasp the overall layout of the market, to ensure that their own equipment and market positioning can implement the actual requirements.

(D) strengthen the overall management of agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery and equipment in the operation process should be strictly in accordance with the level of modern management to implement management, improve the material security of agricultural machinery and equipment, in the agricultural and rural economic development to continuously improve the management system of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Actively pay farm machinery equipment insurance, establish and improve the management mode of farm machinery equipment, use farm machinery to increase traffic safety awareness, promote the traffic safety management mode of farm machinery, improve farm machinery accident handling strategy, solve farmers’ worries, wafer good harmony and stability of farm machinery equipment, and improve the guidance and management methods of farm machinery management parts at all levels for farmers in the process of use.

Greatly maintain good efficiency of agricultural machinery equipment, gradually use agricultural machinery to for the healthy development of agricultural mechanization, improve for the safety management measures of agricultural equipment, effectively ensure the normalization of agricultural equipment and the legal system to ensure the reasonable management of agricultural equipment, improve the efficiency of agricultural production.

(E) cultivate innovative agricultural mechanization technical personnel

Agricultural mechanization technical personnel’s own quality and behavior will affect the quality of the promotion work, as an excellent qualified agricultural machinery promotion staff, in addition to professional theoretical knowledge and high technical level, should also train them to love their jobs and dedication, in the work can quickly switch ideas, etc., to each stage of the work content as their first job, and seriously efforts to complete.

Therefore, the Department of Agricultural Machinery Promotion should regularly or irregularly give technical staff good ideological work as well as the training of professional knowledge to establish a platform for them to communicate with each other, so that each staff can improve their own quality, and then contribute to the cause of agricultural mechanization in China.

(F) The government should give full play to its functions

In order to strengthen the progress of mechanization of agricultural machinery production, managers must use a strict system to guide production, improve the level of on-site production work and increase the production responsibility of staff.

At present, China has continuously launched the agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and other economic subsidy system and agricultural policies to encourage the majority of farmers to purchase agricultural equipment to reduce the economic pressure and burden on farmers.

Therefore, the state must force mouth to decide the pace of mechanization of agricultural machinery production, the application of sound and perfect laws and regulations to support the development of knife-tunnel spoon promotion of agricultural policies, so that the cause of mechanization of agricultural machinery production to a higher level.

Third, concluding remarks

In summary, as China’s agricultural machinery management is facing a huge opportunity for development, to agricultural machinery machinery management rapid development, we must first solve the current problems in the management, and apply a variety of solutions to further optimize its industrial structure, in constant innovation and research of new technologies at the same time, but also need to reduce the sales price of products, so that agricultural machinery products can better serve China’s agriculture. It can be seen that the management of agricultural machinery can promote the healthy development of agricultural mechanization.