Picking the Right Cone Crusher for Your Application

Wayne van Antwerpen, Group Crusher Technology Product Manager for Terex MP, talks us through the different cone smashers and their general individual reasonableness for different applications, “We needed to be in a situation to offer an answer for each cone pounding application necessity while meeting the application needs of our clients with the most ideal item quality and usefulness. With the expansion of the TG Series Cones to our cone smasher portfolio, we are presently ready. The TG Cones Series permits us to additional add the flexibility of Bronze Bushing Technology to that of our present hearty and proficient Roller Bearing Cones.

The Floating Bowl Cone, which is addressed by the Terex TC Series, is obviously fit to most mining and quarrying applications, particularly taking into account the project worker demographic, from an optional down to a quaternary position. The cone configuration performs reliably in an optional situation with an unscalped all-in-feed. This advances great formed items through steady loss squashing.”

The Screw Bowl Cone, which is addressed by the Terex china Cone crusher bearing supplier MVP Series offering, is likewise obviously fit to mining and quarrying applications, yet as per Wayne, “because of the way that this style of cone offers the huge vagrant iron stroke freedom, it would be the better decision when searching for a cone in a reuse type application where there is the chance of more modest metal pollutants.” This kind of cone is additionally appropriate to high weight applications, and for those where huge decrease proportions are required, fine/sand items are to be made, or that require severe item shape and evaluating necessities. The Screw Bowl Cones can work in optional, tertiary and quaternary positions.

The Floating Shaft (Spider Bearing) Cone, addressed by the Jaques Gyracone territory (roller bearings) and the recently dispatched Cedarapids TG Cones, is additionally ideal for mining and quarrying applications, with comparable qualities found on the Floating Bowl cone. The enormous feed auxiliary TGS adaptation of the new cone, which can acknowledge a feed size up to 75% greater than its Fine form, permits it the interesting capacity to be situated in a control took care of essential situation for sand and rock applications. Talking on the bug bearing contrast offered by this scope of cones, Wayne clarifies, “The Bronze Bushed TG Spider Bearing cones conform to the next 2 styles of cones with regards to applied force and usefulness, however with the capacity to change the offbeat toss of the cone effectively and financially gives it expanded application adaptability. On the off chance that a better return of a particular measured item is required, the various erratic toss choices can be changed to suit the application necessities.”

The new Cedarapids TG Series cones comprise of 4 models zeroed in on the Aggregate and Construction ventures, specifically the TG120 (120hp), TG220 (220hp), TG320 (320hp) and TG420 (420hp) individually. Each model is accessible in 2 forms, the TG (Fine) and TGS (Secondary). The TG style can be run in an optional, tertiary and a quaternary position; the TGS models, which can take an around 75% bigger feed, are ideally suited for huge feed auxiliary positions. There will likewise be 2 bigger models accessible for huge limit mining and quarrying applications, to be specific the TG820 (820hp) and the TG1020 (1020hp).

The principal Cedarapids TG Series cone—TGS220—has as of late been authorized on the Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Australia. As Northern Region Sales Manager for Terex Jaques Australia, Ben Willcox clarifies, “Our client was hoping to supplant a current Allis Chalmers S36. When a remake was cost restrictive, they went to Terex Jaques for help and we had the option to offer another TGS220 at a serious value that met every one of the client’s necessities. When charged, this unit expanded limit, further developed decrease and permitted this site the chance to diminish plant working hours. This unit likewise gives adaptability to change the stroke in the future should the plant be overhauled.”

Wayne VanAntwerpen closes, “The new scope of TG Spider Bearing cones places us in our very own total class in the business with no other OEM ready to offer a particularly different and broad cone smasher portfolio.”