If you can only buy a beauty instrument, what will you choose?

Beauty instrument from the functional coverage point of view is generally divided into special beauty instrument and multi-functional beauty instrument.
Special beauty instrument and RF class, micro-current class, phototherapy LED class into absorption class. The utility model is a multifunctional beauty instrument that covers the above technical functions.
For the first time purchase or more miscellaneous skin problems, it is recommended to buy a multi-functional beauty instrument, because the first use of beauty equipment, You do not understand their own needs and operating habits, buy a wide range of multi-functional, but also easier to experience and try to clear their needs slowly, later to fill a special beauty instrument can be.
First take you to understand the knowledge of dermatology, know the principle to better understand the technology

  1. 1. Dermatological knowledge
    Skin is made up of the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, fascia, and just below that is our muscle and bone.
    The epidermal layer seems to be very thin, but it can be subdivided into sebum membrane, cuticle, granular layer, spinous layer and basal layer.
    Among them, in the second layer of the cuticle cell gap is the smallest, is the door god of the skin, blocking the entry of harmful substances from the outside world, protect the health of the inner skin; The basal layer at the bottom is the junction between the epidermis and dermis.
    The dermis consists of collagen fibers, elastic fibers, matrix, cell components, blood vessels, nerves, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, hair follicles and so on. The dermis has a great influence on the human skin. It is like the reservoir, spring, transport workers and receptors of the skin. It keeps the skin healthy and prevents and reduces dryness and wrinkles.
    The elasticity and tension of the skin is maintained by a “mesh spring,” which is formed by the crossing of collagen fibers (various types of collagen) and elastic fibers (a variety of elastin).
    The two fibers cross to form an elastic net, like a spring in a spring bed, keeping the skin’s elasticity and tension. If both fibres are healthy, the skin will be elastic and firm.
    These fibers themselves have life cycle apoptosis, and fibroblasts are the production machine, constantly produce new collagen fibers and elastic fibers, to maintain the metabolism of the dermis.
    The muscle layer (fascia layer) is the control and execution unit of the brain. The brain sends commands to control the contraction of the muscles, and drives the movement of the whole skin. For example, your smile is a result of your brain’s control of facial muscles.
  2. 2. Beauty techniques and benefits
    After understanding the basic knowledge of dermatology, it is easy to understand the technical solutions. At present, the efficacy of the beauty instrument and the corresponding mainstream technology have these:
    1) Light wrinkle removal – RF
    Radio frequency (RF) is an abbreviation of radio frequency, which is a high-frequency alternating electromagnetic wave with oscillating frequencies ranging from 300 KHz to 300 GHz.
    The frequency of RF is very high, polarity exchange is fast, human tissue is a conductor, when RF current through the human body through the tissue, the resistance of the tissue (dermis) charged ions or molecules rapid oscillation, The thermal energy produced by the oscillation acts on the target tissue, that is, the collagen fibers in the dermis are heated to denature, which destroys the triple helix structure of collagen fibers, stimulates the healing mechanism in the body, and makes the fibroblasts secrete a new amount of collagen. Long-term use to increase the total amount of collagen dermis, to wrinkle, compact effect.
    PS: Because the RF heating principle consumes the moisture of the epidermis and dermis, so it is better to make water after RF.
    2) Lifting and tightening – micro current EMS
    The principle of micro-current is to replace the human brain to send nerve impulses, make muscle contraction, so as to achieve the development of muscle strength, that is to improve facial muscle relaxation, enhance the role of compact.
    Good micro-current products have certain effect on skin lifting, in addition to the conventional waveform, voltage, pulse width professional debugging parameters, There are also papers that only between 50 μA ~ 1000 μA microcurrent can play a sufficient effect.
    However, the lifting effect of EMS on the muscle level of stretching, so the effect is quick but not lasting, suitable for emergency use, such as early edema face, temporary relief effect is very good.
    3) Moisture absorption – import mode
    The cuticle of the skin epidermis cell space is small, play a barrier role to block the invasion of external foreign bodies, In particular, some macromolecular beauty ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, peptide, etc., only very little (less than 3%) can penetrate the skin through the stratum corneum, most of them float on the surface of the volatile. Lead to spending several times the money to buy high-end skin care products, but ultimately can absorb very little.
    The role of the import function is to make skin care ingredients more penetrate into the skin, improve the absorption effect of skin care products, suitable as your high-end essence, mask, cream and other use partner.
    4) Deep cleaning – export mode
    The machine with export mode will also be equipped with a fixed ring, will be stuck with the make-up water cotton fixed on the radio frequency head, export operation.
    The derivation is also based on the principle of positive and negative ion absorption, and the negative ion in the dirt of the skin is sucked out to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Some product export mode will also be supplemented by vibration, so sensitive skin recommended low frequency use this function, try to use more hands to wash your face, recommended a week up to 1-2 times, avoid excessive cleaning. In addition, this function is derived from the use of the experience of people around me, mixed reviews, usually good skin maintenance may not see the effect, but there are also a lot of cotton can see clearly dirty.
    PS: Export mode is suitable for deep cleaning after makeup removal and cannot be directly used for makeup removal.
    5) Tender and stable – LED light therapy
    The principle of LED light therapy is that different colors have different wavelengths and different penetration depths. Specific wavelengths of light can pass through the epidermis, be selectively absorbed by different cells or tissues in the body, and be transformed into internal energy to achieve different effects.
    For example, blue light: dilute smallpox in India, soothing and stable; Yellow light: ease red tide phenomenon, calm and soothing; Red light: improve cell activity, increase skin elasticity, stimulate collagen regeneration, ease aging; Infrared light: open skin barrier, promote microcirculation, improve dark, etc.
    But by the energy, quantity and mechanism of action, home LED light therapy beauty instrument is the slowest effect in the above technology, but its advantage is wide applicability, the vast majority of people can use, do not worry about allergies or sensitive muscle. So it is more suitable for young girls aged 20-30 years old, without obvious wrinkles, sagging and other skin problems. You can add a layer of barrier to the skin with LED light therapy products on the basis of daily skin care products.
    6) Assistive technology – hot compress, cold compress, vibration
    These three techniques do not constitute the actual significant effect, are partial auxiliary function.
    Hot compress: helps to open pores, promote microcirculation, and provides a comfortable somatosensory effect, warm, with the introduction mode.
    Cold compress: Helps to tighten pores and make skin tight. It can be used after export mode.
    Vibration: help to reduce the discomfort of micro-current, but also to the user more somatosensory feeling, can be used with EMS mode.