Give full play to the role of agricultural machinery promotion to promote rural economic development

Agricultural mechanization promotion helps to improve production efficiency and production level, which is an important research topic for agricultural construction and development under the new normal. Along with the acceleration of the new rural process and the improvement of agricultural science and technology, agricultural machinery production plays an increasingly large role in the progress of the rural economy. Therefore, pay attention to the promotion of agricultural mechanization is to solve the three agricultural problems based on the point and starting point, agricultural departments and agricultural workers should vigorously promote the planting of agricultural machinery to improve social and economic benefits.

Agricultural machinery promotion important role

1.Improve production efficiency

Compared to the traditional manual operation, mechanized production effectively enhance the production efficiency, saving labor time, which is also the manual operation is not. In addition, the improvement of agricultural production efficiency helps to expand the scale of production, the formation of industrial production after reaching a certain scale, in the scale of expansion of the demand for machinery and equipment is also raised, and then form a virtuous circle; this is the reason why industry continues to move forward, agriculture will also move forward along similar lines.

2.Improve economic and social benefits

Based on the analysis of areas with rapid economic development, agricultural mechanization has been promoted, the application is common, the more rapid its agricultural development, economic progress is remarkable, the farmers’ living standards have been fundamentally improved, not only to solve the problem of food and clothing, but also to achieve the effect of wealth. Agricultural machinery to enhance production efficiency will save a certain amount of human resources, these people will automatically put into secondary and tertiary industries, so as to achieve industrial structure adjustment as well as the expansion of economic income ways of farmers. In addition, the increased scale of mechanized production mobilizes the flow of market products, and the added value of agricultural products is then enhanced, further improving economic and social benefits.

3.Promote industrial restructuring

Agricultural machinery promotion has achieved industrial restructuring, firstly, the level of industrial mechanization has been improved, and the progress of machinery production has been promoted. At the same time, to promote related services and other tertiary industry progress, and secondary and tertiary industry progress can also feed agriculture to further promote the industrial restructuring, forming a chain reaction. Secondly, the expansion of mechanized production will be integrated into related industries and services to provide more human resources for other industries, effectively promoting the restructuring of the industrial structure.

The current situation of agricultural machinery promotion

1.Farmers’ ideological awareness lags behind

Constrained by the traditional production model and the overall education level of farmers? ^ low, the acceptance of advanced technology and production concepts is slow, the lack of agricultural mechanization learning and systematic training led to some rural areas production concept backward, lagging behind the development of modern agriculture. Some farmers are skeptical of advanced technologies and equipment and dare not try them easily. In addition, the change of market development concept and competition consciousness intensified, people lack of attention to expand the production range and production level improvement, mechanization promotion lack of driving force. Due to the backwardness of the ideological concept and awareness of innovation led to the promotion of agricultural machinery was greatly affected.

2.Small scope of agricultural operations and large inputs

Due to the small scope of China’s agricultural operations, land scattered so that the expansion of agricultural machinery and its contradictions, large-scale mechanical production in remote rural areas lack of foundation paving. Due to the decentralization of rural land in the form of joint family production contract, resulting in a small range of agricultural production, the formation of traditional manual-based form of agricultural production; at the same time, mechanized production of high economic inputs, it is difficult to mobilize farmers to mechanized production initiative.

3.Machinery equipped with unscientific

The degree of agricultural mechanization needs to be evaluated by the number of machinery and equipment and the perfection of supporting facilities, compared with developed countries, the main reason why China’s agricultural mechanization lags behind is that the machinery is not equipped with science. First, based on the number, machinery and equipment has not been popularized, especially small equipment in planting is more common. Second, based on the proportion of analysis, the use of large and medium-sized equipment is less, the role and efficiency of small equipment does not meet the modern planting needs lead to mechanization value is difficult to play an effective role. Third, the supporting facilities and supporting technology is not mature, the lack of mechanical maintenance units, equipment maintenance is not timely, the lack of systematic guidance and training and thus affect the degree of agricultural mechanization.

Play the role of agricultural machinery promotion, promote the development of rural economy methods

1.Government attention, policy tilt

The government’s agricultural department should pay more attention to agricultural mechanization and publicity. Government as the guide of agricultural machinery promotion, the level of government attention has an important role in the scope and quality of machinery promotion. Therefore, it is also necessary for the relevant government to strengthen the way of guidance. First, build policy preferences and financial allocations for the promotion of agricultural machinery to expand resources. Secondly, strengthen macro control, scientific use of the market system to strengthen guidance and macro control, build promotion platform. Now the agricultural machinery subsidy policy to promote the development of agricultural mechanization, but for some farmers, the threshold is still a little high, the scope of agricultural machinery subsidies need to be expanded, the vigorous development of agricultural mechanization also requires the government to increase financial investment.

2.Improve the professional level of extension personnel

Machinery promotion staff as part of the promotion of agricultural machinery, strengthen the professional level of personnel to become the basic premise of machinery promotion. First, the promotion staff to strengthen the professional level, expand the promotion of mechanical products, especially advanced technology, new product control. Second, to improve the professionalism of personnel, to improve the sense of responsibility and accumulate experience. Third, to strengthen the overall quality of promotional personnel, such as: communication skills, after-sales service, etc.

3.Sound promotion system

Government units should develop a system of leading work, the preparation of agricultural machinery promotion system, for related systems such as: rural credit, subsidies, etc. can promote the control of agricultural mechanization system to provide development opportunities for the promotion of agricultural machinery. Only a sound promotion system can lay the foundation for the promotion of agricultural machinery. China’s regions in the promotion of agricultural mechanization presents the status quo of the north heavy south light, so in the southern region should also strengthen scientific research and investment to ensure the stability of agricultural mechanization production. The preparation of a sound mechanical production quality system to ensure the stability and safety of machinery and equipment production, to ensure the quality of machinery to create conditions for the promotion of machinery.


In conclusion, agricultural mechanization as an important part of the new rural construction, gradually tends to integrate the development of the market has become one of the signs. Give full play to the role of agricultural mechanization to enhance the production level, the economic income of farmers to improve the structure of sufficient thus achieving rapid development of the agricultural economy. Although there is a certain degree of difficulty in the reality of promotion, it is still necessary for various departments and extension personnel to focus on methodological innovation, adhering to the principle of gradual and orderly progress to further promote the development of the rural economy.