Does a blackhead suction tool work? How to choose a blackhead suction tool?

I do not know whether you have encountered such trouble? It has been washed clean face, but the black head, oil and other dirty things inside the pores affect the good mood of the day, once this situation appears on his face, eager to remove it.
However, blackheads are often difficult to remove completely, and even the wrong method will lead to more and more serious.
For the black head, to black head instrument is very popular and the effect is very good products recently, but in the face of the market is rich and diverse black head instruments, if there is no in-depth understanding, it is easy to enter the pit. Today for everyone to solve this problem, let’s take a look at how to choose the blackhead suction tool!

  1. 1. Definition and Working Principle of Blackhead Remover
    Analysis to blackhead suction tool before the first black for everyone to popularize the basic knowledge.
    Blackhead is divided into many types, different types of blackhead oil content is different, extrusion difficulty is different. The common ways to remove blackheads mainly include manual extrusion, mask application, blackhead export fluid, blackhead suction tools, medical beauty, etc. In a variety of ways, blackhead suction tool can be called the most reliable choice.
    The blackhead suction tool through the principle of vacuum negative pressure, the black head in the skin from the pores suck out, not only can realize the black completely clean, but also for other dirt adsorbed in the pores of the internal cleaning effect, the skin will be very delicate and smooth after use.
    Because the working principle of the blackhead suction tool is a physical way, it is very subtle for the human body. Many black head troubled female friends affectionately call it “face vacuum cleaner.”
  2. 2. Is the blackhead suction tool really useful?
    In the election to the premise of blackhead suction tool, is a good facial blackhead removal effect. It can be said to buy a high-quality blackhead suction tool, with the correct method of use, facial black is no longer a problem.
    Compared with other ways to go black head, the damage to the skin is smaller, Remove blackhead effect is good, cost-effective, because of its so prominent advantages, in recent years, the blackhead suction tool has been the majority of consumers praise, become the preferred way to black.
  3. 3. What are the targeted groups are suitable to use blackhead suction tools?
    The blackhead suction tools are suitable for the vast majority of groups, especially oily skin, the pores of the internal oil secretion exuberant, accumulation after the formation of black friends, regardless of the weight of pore blockage, once used, have immediate effect!
    For blackheads less, but strong oil secretion, pores visceral things more students, to blackheads instrument also has a very good effect.
  4. 4. The daily use of black head instrument
    Buy a high-quality black head suction tool at the same time, to master the correct daily use method.
    1) Clean your face
    Use a cleanser to deeply clean the face before using a blackhead remover. Conditional friends, you can apply what black out liquid, black for suction has a certain auxiliary role.
    2) Correct use of blackhead remover
    To clean up blackheads in the face in a certain order, stay in each part of the time is about 2, 3 seconds, if it is difficult to remove stubborn blackheads, you can wait until the completion of the face clean up, by adjusting the intensity of one by one.
    3) do a good job of shrinking pores and replenishment work after suction blackhead
    To blackhead instrument will open the pores of the skin, so after re-use, to use cold water cleansing, and use the toner shrink pores, through the way of more replenishment, to increase the degree of skin moisture.
  5. 5. Notices to buy a blackhead suction tool
    1) Suction
    Choose suitable blackhead suction tool, the use of the process, can be for the blackhead stubborn degree of matching the appropriate suction, for stubborn blackhead can be used to remove the large suction.
    For students with sensitive skin, try to choose a small suction mode; For blackheads more, and not very stubborn students, can choose medium suction, it can be said that the suction adjustable is a very important purchase element.
    2) Comfort
    Because the black head instrument is in direct contact with the skin, it is necessary to buy products with higher comfort in the process of use, The contact surface with the skin to be comfortable, the use of the whole process of absorbing blackheads to feel more comfortable, a good black head instrument can be very comfortable in the face under the circumstances will easily suck out black.
    3) Security
    In the process of using the black head instrument, we should choose safe products, do not cause harm to the skin, or clean up enough to cause more and more black head, safety is a key point to consider.
    4) Brand
    This is very important, to blackhead instrument need electricity, and direct contact with the face, to try to choose a big brand, more secure.

So how to prevent blackheads?

  1. 1. do not force squeezed black
    A lot of Meimei see blackhead can not help but hand to squeeze, In fact, sometimes there are some small black nose, and will not give the face a lot of impact, but if you use your fingers to squeeze, it may cause skin infection inflammation, and even leave scars.
  2. 2. don’t use to black tools
    Some beauty supplies store will sell some tools to blackhead, but these tools can not remove blackheads fundamentally, but will hurt the skin, make the skin pores increase, blackheads will only grow worse, the United States eyebrow who should be careful.
  3. 3. do not use matte exfoliating products
    Many Meimei naively think that the use of matte exfoliating products can completely drive away black, But if you are sensitive to muscle, with a scrub like this too sharp exfoliating products but will stimulate the skin, so that blackheads more rampant, so do not try to use exfoliation products to remove blackheads, this is unrealistic.
  4. 4. Change pillowcases frequently
    Pillow contact with the skin for a long time, we sleep in the process, the skin and scalp will secrete a large number of oil, which will be contaminated to the pillowcase, if not often replace the pillow case, it will increase the breeding of blackheads. So we should keep the pillow clean and change the pillowcase frequently.
  5. 5. clean the face, remove oil
    Prevent the formation of blackheads, first of all to do face cleaning, with mild facial cleanser to remove facial oil, but not too many times a day, twice a day. In addition, if the makeup must use makeup remover products clean, avoid cosmetic residue caused by oil accumulation.
  6. 6. pay attention to the skin moisturizing
    The formation of blackheads and skin lack of oil is a certain relationship, Therefore, we should pay attention to the skin moisturizing, sooner or later, after washing your face, immediately smear toner for the skin to add moisture, you can apply a moisturizing mask before going to bed, for the whole night’s skin lock moisture, prevent the formation of blackheads.
    Instead of breaking the head to remove blackheads, it is better to think about how to prevent the formation of blackheads. After all, the best way to eliminate blackheads is to prevent from the source. Grasp the above six methods and daily care will have the ideal effect.