The forums exist as a way for members to interact with each other and the staff. As part of their use, certain services are provided, such as promotion of fan fiction, holding role-playing games, and many other functions. These forums are provided as a privilege and can be taken away if abused. We strive to make the forums a family friendly place, though occasionally some topics may stretch those boundaries somewhat. Still, anything considered inappropriate will be removed.


  1. The most important rule: Just because something is not covered below does not mean it is acceptable. We expect our members to behave with some degree of common sense. If you are concerned that something may not be alright, contact the administrator or a moderator either through e-mail or private message. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  2. It should go without saying, but using these forums to promote any sort of illegal activity is against the rules. This includes but is not limited to distribution of copyrighted materials through unauthorized channels, which is by far our most common offense.
  3. Please post your topics in the forum that is most appropriate to the subject you wish to address. While we do have moderators who will move topics placed in the wrong forums, it will help them, and the entire site to run more smoothly if all of our members do their part to keep everything in order.
  4. For the time being, you may post images in your topics or replies. Please try to use this feature with some common sense and don’t post large images or large numbers of images or this feature will be turned off.
  5. Any content that could be considered pornographic in nature will be removed and the poster will be banned.
  6. Please do not post topics that would be considered inappropriate for minors. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but if you have to wonder if a topic is inappropriate, either contact an administrator or don’t post it.
  7. The profanity filter is on. While we do believe that freedom of speech and expression is a wonderful thing, we also have to keep in mind the best interests of our members in general, and it is always possible to express yourself just as well (and usually even better) without the profanity. Keep in mind that attempts to circumvent the profanity filter can result in a loss of posting privileges.
  8. Inappropriate usernames will be banned. If that is the users only offense, they may re-register with a more appropriate name.
  9. Avatars are limited to 65 pixels wide and 65 pixels high. The forum software does not resize images, so it is up to you to make sure that your image is correctly sized. Animated .gifs are not allowed.
  10. Signatures are limited to four lines. Use only the default forum text size. Do not space out signatures over many lines. The line limit exists for a reason, so that signatures do not take up a lot of space. A blank line counts as a line. Do not artificially increase the size of your signature with new lines or white space.
  11. Images in signatures must be no larger than 475 pixels wide, 75 pixels high, and 50k in size. Animated .gifs are not allowed.
  12. One image or four lines are allowed in a signature, not four lines and an image.
  13. Respect the opinions of others. No one is required to like or dislike the same things you do. No one is required to share your beliefs. If you want people to respect your personal beliefs and opinions, then you must return that respect. Showing respect to someone else does not mean agreeing with them, but merely acknowledging that is their opinion and you don’t agree with it, and expressing yourself in a civil manner when doing so. As a clarification, outright bashing, rhetoric spewing, or propaganda spreading is not considered reasonable discussion. Animemech does not endorse or condone a specific religious or political affiliation, and we expect our members to treat each other with courtesy and respect regardless of their views.
  14. “Trolling” is not allowed. Trolling is intentionally starting topics for the purpose of creating a stir or causing a flame-war. Any thread that is considered Trolling by the forum staff will be locked or deleted.
  15. Spam is not allowed. Spamming is posting of unsolicited advertisements, pointless messages that do nothing but take up disk space and bandwidth, or posting the same message on multiple forums. Members are allowed to occasionally post a link to their personal pages, but should do so in the most appropriate forum. Constantly advertising your site is discouraged and warnings will be issued. Putting a link to your site in your signature is not considered spam.
  16. Any form of hacking is against the rules, and will be dealt with according to the severity. This includes “regging” or other exploits in the PHPBB software. Even these minor incidents can create major headaches for the administrator, and will be frowned upon. More serious offenses could lead to banning.
  17. Disagreements will happen, opinions will clash, and conflict is inevitable. Try to keep the petty insults to a minimum. If a disagreement between two parties results in a flamewar, the topic will be locked or deleted.
  18. Please do not ask to become a moderator for the forums. Moderators are chosen for their maturity, fairness, and participation. The decision to appoint a moderator to a forum is based on the perceived need for moderation for the forum in question. If we are looking for a new moderator, we will contact individuals who have shown the previously mentioned traits to see if they are interested.
  19. If you have a problem with a moderator on the forum, do not post a message about it. Instead, contact GrayBear through the private messaging feature on the forum. You can also send him an e-mail at . Any messages complaining about a moderator’s actions on the public forums will be removed. This includes arguing with a staff member’s decision on policy enforcement.
  20. Some forums have specific rules for their use. These rules are listed on the main page of the specific forum. Rules specific to a forum carry just as much weight as the rules in this section.
  21. As a corrective measure, a member can be “Grounded”. Grounding is a last measure before banning, and is a chance for a member to redeem themselves before being banned. Grounding is an optional step and not required for someone to be banned. This means that you are not guaranteed to be grounded before being banned. When a member is grounded, their profile is locked, and their avatar removed. Some posting and editing features will be denied them. No notice is required to ground someone and if someone grounded does not understand why they are in trouble it is their responsibility to contact an administrator to find out. There is no set length for a grounded period. Full rights will be restored when an administrator or a consensus reached by staff indicates that a member is following the rules and deserves full member status again. Coming off grounded status is a fresh start and the member has all other privileges restored. It is the responsibility of the member to restore any account information removed during their grounded period.
  22. Grounding follows a “three strikes” rule. In other words, a member cannot be grounded more than twice, regardless if bans are involved or not. If a member does something to warrant grounding a third time, they will simply be banned.
  23. Members who consistently or blatantly disregard the rules can have their posting privileges revoked. Members who have their privileges revoked may not return under a different name. Attempts to circumvent a ban on posting privileges can result in the ban becoming permanent. The exact time that someone loses their posting privileges will be determined by the staff and may be indefinite.
  24. No one is above Gundamwatch policies. If you do not agree with our rules or how they are enforced, please find another community to interact with. We welcome all newcomers, but this is our website run by our efforts. As such, we reserve the right to run it as we see fit. We try to be fair and objective in enforcing our policies, but they will be enforced and are imposed on everyone regardless of their status in the community.
  25. Gundamwatch is not a government body, so our rules are not laws. We put just as much weight in the spirit of our policies as we do their technical meaning. In other words, consistently skirting the rules or trying to cause problems while stopping just short of actually breaking a rule will still get you in hot water. We don’t care for troublemakers and would rather do away with them than make the well-behaved member, which is our majority, suffer.
  26. Finally, it is important to remember that ignorance of the rules is never an excuse. If you break a rule posted here, claiming you didn’t know it was wrong will not have any effect on the punishment. You are expected to read, and know these rules when becoming a member of our forums.

Linking Policy

Gundamwatch does not require reciprocal links, although they are appreciated it. If we have linked to your site, it is because we have found content of value there and wish to share it with others. Normally we contact site authors prior to linking to make them aware of it. This contact is not a request for a link, though it may contain one. Your link will not be removed solely because you do not link to Gundamwatch.

On that same note, a link to us will not guarantee a link back to your site. We appreciate anyone who wishes to link to our site, but just as we do not require reciprocal links, we also do not wish to be required to return them.

Copyrighted Materials Disclaimer

Like many fan sites and unofficial sites, Gundamwatch makes use of copyrighted images and materials. These are assumed to be public domain and remain the property of their respective owners. If Gundamwatch is contacted by an official representative of the owners of these properties we will cooperate in either removing them or coming to some compromise as to their use. All images and materials used here are done in “Good Faith”, meaning that no attempts at theft are being attempted and any violations of the law will be corrected as it is brought to our attention.

Please be advised that any actions we are directed to do will not be carried out until we verify the credentials of the person contacting us. This is for our own protection against scam artists and fraudulent behavior.

Gundamwatch is a believer in “fair use” clauses. All materials used on this website are done so in good faith.