MoS2 Low Friction Coatings

Cr Chrome target is broadly used in Multi-arc ion or Magnetron Sputtering PVD vacuum coating trade for decorative PVD coating or practical coating, we are in a position to present you totally various purity in accordance with your fully various needs. three. We help our consumers to develop new coating films with our equipment. The Market Investigation Report Optical … Read moreMoS2 Low Friction Coatings

Ptfe Product

Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company offering a portfolio of more than 2000 products across various key markets worldwide. The properties of the PTFE products are strongly dependent on the processing procedure, such as polymer particle size, sintering temperature and processing pressure. Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE is the commonly used versatile, high-performance fluoropolymer … Read morePtfe Product